The most important questions that can arise while designing a website are: How many people are visiting the website? How can you increase your revenue?
You are at the right place! Because our creative agency always asks and considers these very questions, when designing a website. We make strong efforts to get know our clients, their products and services, prior to designing a webpage for them. The secret of an effective website lies in the details of its design. Our creative agency follows the newest trends, so we can strongly focus on search engine optimization.

Support & Marketing Functions Beginner Intermediate Premium
Free domain hosting and maintenance for 1 year  pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
SEO Module Integration, Search Engine Friendly Links  pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Google Analytics , Webmaster Tools Integration  pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Facebook Appearance Integration  pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Responsive , mobile optimized interface  pipuka  pipuka
Webdav Integration  pipuka  pipuka
Ladybird Integration  pipuka  pipuka
MailChimp Integration  pipuka  pipuka
Mailmaster Integration  pipuka  pipuka
Youtube Video Embedding  pipuka  pipuka
Landing Page  pipuka
SEO Keyword Search  pipuka
Search Engine Optimized Sections  pipuka
Design & Content Features
Custom Web Design pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Editable CCS pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Dynamic banner changer pipuka  pipuka  pipuka
Admin Platform, Full Content Management Function pipuka pipuka  pipuka
Independently Editable Content pipuka pipuka  pipuka
Content Upload & Content Start-up (four A4 pages) pipuka pipuka  pipuka
Inquiry Form pipuka pipuka pipuka
Gallery Module pipuka pipuka pipuka
HTML5 Slider pipuka pipuka
Embedding Forms pipuka pipuka
Languages Option Preparation (3 languages) pipuka
Add Custom Modules (eg . calendar function) pipuka
Requesting an Offer Requesting an Offer Requesting an Offer