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Corporate Identity Design

A well-designed logo is consciously thought out and structured, so when potential clients take a glance at it, they can immediately identify its holder. In other words, this logo becomes a symbol, which can define the identity of a corporation. It is important to have a uniform company image. Although, many people may possess a real, or perceived creative vein, according to experience, it is better to leave such design work to professional experts. Adams Creative has helped many businesses to build their new image, by designing their corporate identity manuals, logos, websites, or webshops. With our concise and custom-tailored approach, we can compose a unique identity for your company, and for your communications.

Our Corporate Identity Design Packages

  Introductory Package Medium Package Premium Package
Logo Design pipuka pipuka pipuka
 Business Card Design (mutation fee: 500 HUF/name+VAT) pipuka pipuka pipuka
 Company Letterhead pipuka pipuka pipuka
 Business Envelope pipuka pipuka pipuka
 MS Word letterhead template pipuka pipuka pipuka
  E-mail header pipuka pipuka pipuka
 Preparing presentation template (MS PPT) pipuka pipuka
Corporate Folder Design pipuka pipuka
Corporate Brochure (cover design, +1 pair of insert cover design) pipuka pipuka
5+ additional image element design pipuka pipuka
Full Corporate Framework (approx. 20-70 image element) pipuka
Corporate Identity Manual Design (8000 HUF/page) pipuka
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Packaging Design

Sell, sell! If it’s important for you, that customers purchase your goods in larger quantities, you should certainly pay your packaging extra attention. It defines the image of a brand, and of course, sales. Packaging awakens certain feelings in consumers, through which they can emotionially connect to the content of the given product, especially, if such content comes with exceptional quality! Then, your customers should always return with the intent to buy again. A well- thought-out product image projects information about the company behind the product, and it is able to influence consumers at the same time, as well.

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Regardless, if it’s only a banner , a wobbler, or a flyer, a well-planned, and executed in-store promotional material will greatly affect the purchase decision of the consumer. In order to capture the consumers’ attention, we can utilize a complete arsenal of in-store promotional methods with the aim to fulfill their orders.

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