Do you know the answers to the following questions? What is a website good for? How many visitors are there? How much time do visitors spend there? At which menu item do they enter? How many offer-requests come in per week?
If a website doesn’t generate profits, it doesn’t fulfill its most important function, therefore it becomes useless.
It is important, that the clients are aware of their current position, their desired position, as well as the desired position of their products, and services. These aspects form the foundation, on which a well-targeted strategy could be developed. A web platform doesn’t generate profits by itself. If a completed website or web shop is without any activity, nor does it have any marketing support, we shouldn’t be expecting miracles from it!

Adams Creative offers its assistance on the following opportunities, as they carry the most potential according to their experience:

Campaign Strategy

In order for a company to be able to increase its sales, it’s essential to utilize a well-thought-out strategy. The key aspects for this are: knowledge of the target group, services, and the proper positioning of products

  • We ought to develop short-, and long-term goals
  • We ought to map out the market, and our competitors
  • With the above in mind, we ought to pick the most advantageous marketing tools for us
  • Review our online platform, and our designs

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Google AdWords Campaign

If you are looking for a product, or service, where do you begin your search? The answer is easy: on the Google-Search platform. Nowadays, most people are doing their search on the internet. So, a Google AdWords campaign can be a very effective way to adequetly increase the number of visitors on our website, or webstore.

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Facebook Campaign

The number of Facebook users worldwide have reached over 1 billion. Out of this number, over 3 million are Hungarian users. This means, that we can access a substantial number of users in serious proportions. It would be a shame to waste such an opportunity, wouldn’t it?

The internet community has been gradually breaking into certain parts. Some percentage of users believe, that creating an integrated online store on Facebook, is a good idea. Another part says, that Facebook is not for selling, to the contrary, it is for posting and sharing useful content. The answer to these questions and opinions lies in the knowledge of customers, and in the positioning.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good and effective search engine optimization improves the positioning of your website in online search result. A search engine optimization is a consciously built process, in which we construct your website in way that it could be easily detected by search engine robots. Keywords depict a good position, so the number of visitors originated from search engines should increase.

Of course, it doesn’t end here. We also need to maintain our already built up position. After all, everyone on the web strives to reach top positions. Curious how? Let’s talk about it!

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Strategic Planning

We can easily recognize our favorite brands and products by their characteristics, their style, and their appearance, even in the poorest weather conditions, like in a blizzard, or in a sandstorm. The secret of successful brand-building lies in developing right marketing strategy.

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Creative Concepts

A creative concept is an attention grabbing visual idea, which can be harmonized, and can also stimulate consumer interest in your products, or services. In the process of creating an advertisment, creative appearance plays an essential role. Otherwise, we cannot emerge from the advertising noise. A well-thought-out, and creatively constructed visual idea, regardless of the type of platform, generates actual sales.

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